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Dog Forms Special Friendship with Rare White Lion


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Honey is the zoo dog at the Darling Downs Zoo in Queensland, Australia. As Zoo dog Honey gets to see and interact with lots of different animals, but recently a special bond has developed between Honey and the zoo’s four-month-old white lion cub Kwanza.

The white lion is a rare sight to see, as none have been seen in the wild since 1994. They are not a separate species of the lion. White lions have a recessive gene that is a color inhibitor and causes them to have a white or sometimes even blonde or red coat. Kwanza was born back in November. When his mother stopped producing milk the caretakers at the zoo had to start hand raising Kwanza. Honey would come along with the caretakers to help. That’s how Honey and Kwanza became best friends.

Now Kwanza spend time exploring together, wrestling and having a good time. The zoo staff caught some of their adorable playtime on video. How long their relationship will be able to last is uncertain, as zoo staff is closely watching the friendship. When Kwanza is done being hand raised he will return to living with the other lions.