Dog who lost all her fur stays warm with a tiger onesie

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article 2238704 16374E0F000005DC 409 634x630When Lily goes out for walks she tends to draw a lot of attention and turn heads. Lily suffers from a rare skin condition that has caused all of her fur to fall out. With the onset of cold weather her foster mom has come up with a unique way to keep her warm when she goes out for walks. Lily sports a human adult-sized onesie with tiger stripes to stay warm.

Lily, a 3-year-old Shar Pei, arrived at the RSPCA in Worcester, England about two weeks ago when her owner couldn’t handle the expense of treating her condition anymore. “She has been suffering with mange and a bacterial skin infection which, together, have left her almost totally bald, with skin that smelled really bad and was so sore and burning hot that she couldn’t bear to be touched,” said her new foster mom Anne Rees. Lily has been receiving special baths and treatment to help her infection and is on the road to recovery.


Lily loves to go for walks and needs the exercise, but with the loss of her fur Anne needed something to keep her warm. That’s how Lily came to wear her signature tiger onesie. “The onesie is a really good fit for her, and it keeps her warm when we’re outside. She loves wearing it and all the fuss she gets,” said Anne.  Lily and Anne get plenty of attention on their walk as they get confused and curious looks from both humans and other dogs. “We were out walking last week and a little spaniel looked at her but obviously thought: ‘I better not take a tiger on,’” Anne recalls.

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Lily is in good hands with Anne who says Lily has “stolen her heart.” Lily will need lots of ongoing veterinary care to treat her skin condition. The Worcester and Mid-Worcestershire Branch of the RSPCA is seeking public donations to help fund her treatment. You can donate through the following link and specify in the comments that the donation is for Lily.