Dog Whose Stomach Was Split Open Makes Remarkable Recovery

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WARNING:  Graphic content to follow.



When Lola was found, she was almost literally spilling her guts.  But when the rescue team from Animal Aid Unlimited arrived, she knew she was saved and happily wagged her tail at them.  It is a miracle that she survived, and today she is happy and healthy.


4.22.16 - Dog Stomach Open1


It is unknown how the skin on her stomach became torn – she may have been attacked by a person, or she may have gotten herself badly caught on something sharp.  The fact that she didn’t die from the initial wound, let alone the infection that might have set it, shows how much perseverance this girl has.


4.22.16 - Dog Stomach Open2


Lola was cleaned up and stitched up, and was ever appreciative of being rescued.  She is a sweet and docile girl who just loves getting belly rubs.

If you would like to help Animal Aid Unlimited continue saving lives like Lola’s, click here.


4.22.16 - Dog Stomach Open3