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Dog With a Terminal Condition Finds His Forever Home

by Melanie

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This comes from a Rescue Dogs Rock NYC foster family:


Eli has spent the past several months of trying out the water treadmill, special harnesses and even an amazing wheelchair. Even though all of these things have helped Eli, we felt something was not right. We went to RDR for guidance and they were in 100% support of further testing for Eli. Unfortunately, our fears were confirmed. Eli was diagnosed with a degenerative genetic neurological condition. What does this mean? Eli will continue to lose function in his back legs and possibly his front. The experienced doctors could not give us a time period, but assured us he is not feeling any pain or discomfort right now. 

Eli saw us crying, but just kept smiling and kissing away the tears. “Why are you so sad mom and dad? I am having a great time playing with my foster brother, chasing toys in our big back yard, cool night time walks in my chair, and snuggles in bed.” 

Eli’s decline is very slow at this point and he has no idea. He still runs and plays in the yard for as long as someone will play with him. He truly loves each day to its fullest. He is such a special and sweet boy. Due to his diagnosis, we have come to the decision with RDR to make Eli a permanent part of our family. Eli has bonded with his foster brother and we cannot bear to wake up to a day without hearing that big yawn in the morning and a sweet, sloppy kiss. He will spend the rest of his life playing in the yard and chasing the squirrels from his mom’s garden. 

Although this is sad news for some, his story is going to save hundreds more and we are going to focus on making each and every one of Eli’s days special. Eli and his family want to thank RDR from the bottom of their hearts for providing Eli with everything he needs and never questioning him or his abilities. Eli is busy enjoying bones, big fluffy toys, kongs and snuggling with his furever family. Many more updates to come. 

After 240 days, his foster home has become his furever home.