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Dog with Three Broken Legs Learns to Walk Again

by Katherine

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When Chance, an American Staffordshire terrier, was rescued back on April 4, 2014, he was a broken dog. He was just 13-weeks-old and his previous owner tossed him from a moving vehicle while driving down Michigan Ave. in Cocoa, Fla. The puppy was skin and bones, and on top of his malnourished state he was now left with three broken legs.

Photo Credit: Craig Rubadoux, FLORIDA TODAY
Photo Credit: Craig Rubadoux, FLORIDA TODAY


The abused little dog was left to die on the road but his life changed when Purrs and Whiskers Shelter came to his rescue.

Chance had a broken left front ankle, a broken right front shoulder and a broken right rear knee, but after four surgeries and months of rehabilitation, the young dog – now eight-months-old – is as good as new.

“He was just in so much pain,” Mona Motz, Chance’s foster mom told WTSP. “But his activity level increased as he got feeling better. We had to take him for bandage changes pretty much every week, because he would chew them.”

According to Motz, they even used duct tape around the dog’s casts to protect them from the puppy’s constant chewing. “It looked like Redneck Dog Rescue, but once [Chance] got used to running on those suckers, man, he was little Mr. You-Can’t-Stop-Me.”

This energetic dog had to learn once again how to walk, and thanks to his foster mom, Chance is now ready to go to his forever home.

If you would like to learn more about Chance and fill an adoption application, contact the Central Brevard Humane Society at 321-636-3343 or visit