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Three-Legged Rescue Dog Saves Trapped Kittens

by Katherine

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When Meg, a three legged dog rescued in 2008 from Rochdale’s RSPCA started whimpering at the rescue center’s ceiling, her owner and facility manager, Jean Spencer, knew there was something wrong. Upon investigating, Spencer found five kittens trapped in the ceiling. Those cute little kittens are alive and safe today thanks to Meg.

Photo Credit: Manchester Evening News
Photo Credit: Manchester Evening News

On August 6, 2014, Spencer took her dog to work. Meg pet kept looking up at the center’s roof and the dog owner thought her rescue pet was trying to tell her something. With the help of other rescue workers, the ceiling was opened and  the trapped litter of kittens discovered.

It took a few hours for RSPCA employees to rescue the young cats, but after some time, all five kittens were rescued from the roof.

RSPCA workers believe the kittens’ mother is at the UK center too. A few days before the rescue, a female cat that had recently given birth was found inside a trap outside the building. Unfortunately, the mom cat is not caring for the kittens, and volunteers along Meg, have been caring for the young cats around the clock.

“Meg is really fond of the kittens,” Spencer told “She is really kind and gentle with them and is always licking them. It is very sweet to see.”

This rescue dog proved that dogs and cats can be best friends. Meg has not only rescued the kittens, she has also bea surrogate mother for the young cats.