Dog/Escape Artist Breaks Out of Shelter and Finds New Family

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We all know all dogs can do tricks after some training, but have you ever met a shelter dog with no training capable of doing disappearing acts? Meet Houdini, a 5-year-old Australian Shepherd who broke out of the Humane Society of Pikes Peak Region (HSPPR) last Tuesday, Oct. 8, 2013.

We are not lying. This dog was caught on camera breaking out of the shelter.

Houdini the dog, escaped his kennel and then opened two other doors inside the shelter’s building before reaching the streets. The canine then took a stroll and found a Good Samaritan who not only rescued him but also decided to adopt him.

Houdini the dog
Houdini the dog

“He let himself out of the kennel around midnight…and let himself out of the building around 1 a.m,” Gretchen Pressley with HSPPR told KKTV News.

When the shelters opened later on that Tuesday morning, they started looking for the dog but he was nowhere to be found. It wasn’t until they checked security cameras that they realized the dog had turned into an escape artist and had set himself free.

Ashley Heister from Colorado Springs, Co., found Houdini walking down Lower Gold Camp Road and rescued him. She took him back to the same shelter Houdini had escaped earlier but at that time HSPPR had not open.

Heister took Houdini to work and kept him there until 1 p.m., in that time she fell in love with the canine and decided that if Houdini had no owners to claim him, she will adopt him.

“He’s a wonderful dog,” Heister said. “I can’t wait to welcome him into my family.”

HSPPR was holding on to Houdini until this past Saturday to see if anyone claimed him. If his original owners did not come forward, the dog would be free to go home with Heister and her other dog Max, a retriever, who can also open doors.

According to a Yahoo News report, this past Saturday Houdini’s true owners visited the shelter to claim the dog after seeing him on the news. Houdini’s true name is Rope, and HSPPR micro chipped him for free.

We are glad Houdini found his true home after all.