ER, a Loved Stray Dog Remembered by Many

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When a stray a lab mix dog showed up in the emergency room of a hospital, no one imagined this dog would grow up to be loved and cared for by many locals, but this is just what happened 10 years ago in Hamble County, Tenn.

Photo Credit: Hamblen county Sheriff's Office
Photo Credit: Hamblen county Sheriff’s Office

Today, ER is no longer with us, but his spirit lives on and he is remembered by all those whose lives he touched.

The lab mix dog was adopted by the sheriff’s office in Morristown and was named ER. Since his adoption ER became everyone’s friend and was granted access to places were non-service dogs were never before allowed, such as the county justice center.

“He made his rounds to the courthouse and he made his rounds out through the yard here with inmates accompanying him and lot of people don’t understand about this, but ER was not just a dog. He was the Hamblen County Sheriff’s Department mascot,” Sheriff Esco Jarnagin told WBIR.

Photo Credit: Hamblen county Sheriff's Office
Photo Credit: Hamblen county Sheriff’s Office

ER was not trained to become a police dog, a rescue dog or a drug sniffing dog, instead he became the best friend anyone in the county justice center could ever have. He even wore a deputy’s badge on his collar while he made his rounds, and the badge showed ER had earned the rank of captain.

After 10 years of friendship, unconditional love and companionship, it was time for ER to cross the rainbow bridge. He is remembered by all the human friends he left behind.

A funeral was planned and locals gathered to pay their respects. ER was later buried in front of the justice center.

You might no longer be with us ER but you will always be in out hearts.


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  1. The relationship this dog had with the employees, including LEOs, may save many other dog’s lives because they may see dogs through new eyes thanks to ER.


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