Doggy Cakes Recipe Provides All Natural Option for Treats

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There is a movement by humans to get on a healthier and more all natural diet, eating less processed foods and opting for the better organic ones.  Perhaps spurred on by recent events involving dog treats from China making pets very ill, the same type of thing is going on all over the country for our pets.

This is where Athena’s Puppy Cakes comes in.  After her dog recently passed away due to cancer, founder Kayla Nakano has been working on all manner of dog treats aimed at providing the healthier options for our dogs and cats as well.

Kayla said it was her way of healing after losing her 6-month-old rescue puppy to this horrible disease.  This way she could give back to other shelter dogs, and share Athena’s story with others as well.

Straight away from their opening in January of 2014, Kayla set to work researching what would make great tasting and healthy treats for animals all over.  She has since shared her recipe for Athena’s cakes, which is detailed below.

Kayla just wants to get the word out on how important our pet’s diets are, just like our own.  She has worked with many rescues, and also donates her products to several local shelters.


Recipe for Athena’s Puppy Cakes:


1 stick no salt butter

1/2 cup corn oil

6 organic eggs

1 1/2 cups sweet potato

1 1/2 cups no sugar organic apple sauce

1 tbsp. baking powder

6 cups non-bleached wheat flour


– Mix butter in mixer

– Add 1/2 cup corn oil

– Add 6 organic eggs, mix

– Add 1 1/2 cups sweet potato and apple sauce

– Add 1 tbsp. baking powder, mix

– Add 6 cups wheat flour, mix

– Put in baking tin

– Bake at 325°F for 20 minutes

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9.1.14 - Doggy Cakes Recipe Provides All Natural Option for Treats

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  1. Nowadays pretty much everything is imported from China. Sometimes people stick to price, instead of quality. I rather pay a little more for everything they eat, than having to spend on unnecessary vet’s visits and meds, and put them through rough times of illnesses. I also choose to give them other types of treats like green beans, baby carrots, apples, etc. They love them.

  2. Maybe pretty much everything is imported….but its up to us to read labels and be pro active for our animals sake. I never ever buy any foods that come from there…I make my dogs only cookies that I bake..its not hard and its cheaper and better or buy from local organic pet food cookies. I wouldn’t give them anything I wouldn’t eat.


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