Dogs Bringing Safety And Comfort To Boston

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Posted by Reddit user 99trumpets this Golden Retriver has been bringing comfort to the city of Boston

Time and time again in the event of a tragedy dogs are there for people. Immediately after the horrific events in Boston on Monday afternoon, dogs went into action to help bring comfort and safety to the community of Boston and the nation.

Bomb-sniffing dogs have been working non-stop in Boston.  They’ve been helping search for suspicious devices and also looking for clues to the bombings that occurred on Monday. Bomb-sniffing dogs have also stepped up in other parts of the country as other cities step up their security.

Dogs aren’t only helping make the country feel more secure though. Immediately after the bombings dogs were there to provide comfort. According to a poster on Reddit as runners came to the bag pickup area on Tuesday a Golden retriever was there waiting. The therapy dog was happy to be petted. “I petted him and almost started to cry all of a sudden,” said Reddit poster 99trumpets. “Glad the fluffy dog is here; every little bit of comfort helps.”

Lutheran Church Charities, which has provided therapy dogs to the community of Newtown, Connecticut is helping out once again and sending five specially-trained golden retrievers to Boston. The dogs will be at the First Lutheran Church, only a few blocks from the marathon finish line, and will be staying in Boston at least through Sunday and longer if necessary. They will likely also visit hospitals in Boston where over 100 victims of the attacks are being treated.

“People talk to the dogs – they’re like furry counselors,” Tim Hetzner, president of Lutheran Church Charities. “It’s a chance to help bring some relief to people that are shaken up because of the bombings.” The dogs with Lutheran Church Charities all have gone through extensive service training and are experienced in handling extremely stressful situations.

For more information on Lutheran Church Charities visit their website.

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