Dog’s New Life

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Source CBC News.

An international effort has brought a mistreated dog from Iraq to Burnaby, B.C., where the animal is thriving.

Canadian oil workers found Lucy, a six-month-old Anatolian Shepherd, scrounging for scraps of food.

Oil rig worker Simon says it was obvious the dog was suffering.

“A team of us had befriended her,” he said. “Her ears had been cut off by the locals, and she was just basically starving and really thirsty.”

Now, thanks to Facebook, Lucy calls North Burnaby home.

Owner Heather Kaisler the dog was initially timid, and unfamiliar with everything from grass to staircases, but is slowly adjusting.

“She’s an amazing dog. She’s so relaxed for a six-month-old puppy who’s been through what she has. She’s amazing.”

4 thoughts on “Dog’s New Life”

  1. I am also an owner of a 14 year old spitz and it pains me to know the abuses and sufferings made to these poor creatures who’s supposed to be cared for. I’ve had lots of dogs in my life and I cried for every passing of my lovely pet. They might be animals in the eyes of many but they’re family in the hearts of every owner! More power the people who rescues dogs and even more power to the people who took them in give them new life!!!!!

    • very well said tricks, i feel the same, i cried bucketful of tears everytime one of my “babies” passed away. They’re not just my pets, they’re my family…

    • every pet lover feels that pets are family , not just pets other people disagree,I think the pet haters shouldn’t live..


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