Dogs of the Buzz’n’Bagels Drive-Thru Window

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Angus and Arrow, owned by Collin Leach, know they're about to get a tasty treat at the Buzz'n'Bagles drive-thru window.

Buzz’n’Bagels in Bigfork, MT, isn’t known just for it’s great coffee and amazing bagels. For the dogs, it’s all about the treats. Lip-smacking, yummy, healthy treats. “I would say about eight out of 10 cars will have a dog in it,” owner Trish Meyers said. “We’ve had some comments that once they start pulling into the driveway, the dog starts howling.”

John Stalowy, a regular at the drive-thru window at Buzz’n’Bagels for the past 9 years with his dogs, Millie, a dachshund/yorkie mix and Boscha, a Husky/Golden Retriever mix, had a crazy idea one day. That day he looked through the window to the other side of the drive-through and saw another customer with her dog. That’s when John, a professional photographer for 40 years, decided to publish a book of photos featuring the dogs of Buzz’n’Bagels.

John got his cameras and lights set up under the canopy at the shop and started shooting. In just 2 days, John had more than 100 great photos of the most amazing dogs; happy dogs, mopey dogs, dogs hanging out windows waiting for their treats, and silly dogs.

“This was a fun project,” John said. “These people love their dogs.” John loves his two dogs just as much and he makes sure they get their fair share of treats from Buzz’n’Bagels, too. He’s also planning on adding a small bio for each dog in the book.