Dogs Participate in Hilarious Olympic-Style Diving Competition in Flooded House

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8.9.16 - Olympic Diving in Flooded House


While the concept of dogs coming up with a diving competition after flooding their house is undoubtedly preposterous, Farmers Insurance says the idea for this is based on an actual claim submitted to its company.  See how graciously (or not) these pups immerse themselves in their surroundings!











Which dog would you give the highest marks?

7 thoughts on “Dogs Participate in Hilarious Olympic-Style Diving Competition in Flooded House”

  1. How utterly wasteful and stupid! No wonder Farmer’s insurance premiums are so expensive, and they’d rather take a bullet to the head than pay a claim. If anyone is stupid and naive enough to think their premiums don’t pay for J. K. Harris’ appearance on their ad better re-think the situation.

  2. Hahahhaha @Sam waterson – no doubt she is the life of the party and gets invited to all of them (even the parties of people who don’t know her just heard of her sparkling personality),

    I’m fairly sure I will never have to worry about my dog flooding the house, she’s not a fan of water at all. At least since she’s only 14 lbs I can get into the tub in a swimsuit with her when it’s time for her to get bath. (That’s the only way I can keep her from a tub-related injury, I’ve tried everything and I get the water in the tub before I even bring her upstairs, even being in there with her! By the time we get out I’ve got marks where she’s held onto me for dear life and tried to climb her way up and over me. I feel bad because clearly she thinks I’m horrible for doing it but I have to bathe her once in a while or she’s stinky!)


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