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Dogs Rescued from Bronx Dog Fighting Ring are Looking for Good Homes


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Daphne hopes to find her forever home with a loving family.

Just over two months ago, a raid on a Bronx apartment house led to the rescue of 50 dogs that were part of an illegal dog fighting ring. Four of those dogs are now available for adoption through the Humane Society in Hudson, New York. Animal welfare workers are hoping to find good homes for these dogs that have endured a very cruel life up until they were seized in June.

When the illegal dog fighting ring was raided back in June, the dogs were found kept in boxes with no light. Many were underweight and had skin infections as well as other medical problems. “It’s pretty horrific, deplorable conditions I couldn’t even describe. Difficult to describe how bad it was,” said NYPD Deputy Inspector Anthony Favale back in June. The basement of the building had been set up as arena for spectators. The superintendent of the building, Raul Sanchez, has been charged with multiple counts of animal fighting and cruelty.

Now 2 months later many of the dogs who had to live in those horrific conditions are ready for adoption and are being transferred to rescue groups. Daphne, Amber, Laila and Piggy have all made worked hard to be rehabilitated and are now hoping to find good homes through the Columbia-Greene Humane Society. Although the dogs have a horrible past, Daphne even has scars on her head and muzzle indicative of bite wounds she suffered, they are all now loving, playful dogs ready to be adopted. “They’re special dogs. They’re still friendly, they like people after everything they’ve been through. That’s a special animal,” said Ron Perez of the Columbia-Greene Humane Society.

Information on adopting these dogs can be found at the Columbia-Greene Humane Society’s website.

Amber was rescued in the raid, and is now ready to be adopted.
Laila is also hoping a family will bring her home.