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Dogs saved from drowning in flood waters

by Katherine

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Photo Credit: The Pilot

On June 8, 2013, seven Pit Bulls near Woodlake, NC, were close to their deaths. They were trapped in flood waters. Luckily for the dogs, rescue teams from the area came to their aid and all seven were saved.

The rescue operation was done by staff from Moore County Animal Control, Cypress Point Fire Department, Crain’s Creek Fire Department and Moore county EMS.

During the morning hours of June 8, Animal Control officers received reports of a flooded area near Riverview Drive, east of Woodlake, where local dogs reside. Immediately the first responders headed there, to assist the animals in need.

Al Carte, Director of Animal Operation in Moore County spoke with The Pilot, and said that five of the dogs would have died if it wasn’t for the quick actions of the volunteers.

All seven animals were chained on the property. Two of the seven dogs were the only ones chained on dry land. The other five were chained and submerged to their shoulders in the fast rising waters.

The rescue team used two boats and a two-stage rope line to reach the panicked canines. Bolt cutters were needed to free the animals from the chains. Once free they were placed in crates and pulled to safety.

Moore County Animal Center is currently keeping the dogs and looking after them. The animals will be returned to their owner once the flood waters recede and the area is safe to be inhabited once again.