22 Dogs Who Absolutely Love to Get Groomed

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Some people think that dyeing dogs’ fur is cruel because it embarrasses them, and this may be true for some dogs.  But others absolutely adore the attention.

Not every breed is meant to have its fur shorn – many need their fur to help regulate body temperature.  But for the dogs whose hair just keeps growing, grooming is a necessity.  And as long as absolutely safe, non-toxic and/or organic dyes are used, and the dog doesn’t mind sitting through a longer appointment than usual, dyeing their fur can be a really fun and interesting way for dogs to get the extra attention they love so much.  These kind of dyes wash out in a few days, anyway.

If you don’t believe a dog could possibly enjoy having their fur dyed, just see how happy these guys are!


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Still don’t believe that these dogs love the extra attention?  See how smiley southern California dog groomer Catherine Opson’s dogs Porsche and Kobe are while they’re being groomed.

6.1.14 - Coolest Grooming30


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  1. If you would like to directly insult me or actually ask questions that have relevance, feel free to email me, or Facebook message me gratefulgroomin ..otherwise, I have no time for uneducated haters. I am the blonde with the dragon poodle. If you are going to threaten my life for doing what I love, make sure to do it in person as well. Thanks 🙂

  2. To be honest this isn’t really my thing and I wouldn’t do it with my dog but I do appreciate the creative side of it 🙂 I myself am a fan of any kind of art and some of those dogs do look pretty cute. As long as the dogs are ok with it and/or if it’s for a good cause then who am I to object? 🙂


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