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“Dogstagram” Celebrity Helps Reunite Lost Chihuahua With Owner

by Amy Drew

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Gomi’s owner posted this and other images and videos of Gomi with Osita and before long, the little Chihuahua’s owner was found! Photo: Gomi the Frenchie/Instagram


With 80,000+ followers on Instagram and a posh life in Miami, you might think that Gomi the Frenchie would let celebrity go to his head, but it hasn’t. And not for his dog dad, Micha Porat, either.

Because when Porat saw an aging dog in need of help wandering the streets of South Beach in the wee hours of the morning, he immediately stepped in to help.

“The dog was in the middle of the street, looking scared and confused,” Porat told local news station WTSP. “The cars were driving by and I was wondering what would a dog be doing in the middle of the street?”

Porat pulled over and although the frightened dog attempted to get away, he was able to corral her with the help of other Good Samaritans. He brought the little Chihuahua home with a mind to find her owner.

At home, the little mystery pup was given a bath and introduced to Gomi.

“My dog fell in love with her,” he said. “It was pretty cute. They got along really well, actually.”

Gomi, who is super-“Insta-famous,” was able to channel the power of his celebrity to reunite the little dog — whose name is Osita — with her papa.

Porat posted a picture of Gomi and Osita together, along with videos, and shared her story with Gomi’s thousands of followers and the reach of social media saved the day.

Someone recognized Osita, who is 13 years old, partly deaf and suffering from cataracts.

Gustavo Briand was going crazy looking for Her! Two days earlier, he said she jumped out of his car and simply ran off. Briand tried the regular approach with posters in the area, but soon steered his search toward the Internet.

“One of my friends saw her on somebody else’s page, I don’t know who it was. But I ended up connecting with Micha,” he said. “Somehow, in my heart, I knew she was okay. It’s a love story!”

Good job, Gomi and Micha! We’re so happy Osita found her way back to Daddy.