Donations Needed to Care for Dog Left in the Street

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10.26.12 Abandoned

Around 11:30 pm on October 1, a bystander in Massachusetts saw a car pull over on the side of a busy street.  A passenger got out, left a dog right in the middle of the street, then got back into the car and drove away.  Amazingly, the abandoned dog wasn’t hit by passing cars.  The bystander moved her to safety on the side of the road.

The 10-year-old beagle and basset hound mix named Bridget was collected by Humane Society president Joanne Mainiero a short time later.

“She’s a very happy-go-lucky dog after what she’s been through,” Mainiero said. “It was a cruel … act that was done to her.”

Bridget has medical problems, which may be why she was so carelessly abandoned.  She is overweight, and has been put on a diet at the shelter.  She also has a tumor on one of her hind legs, which will be inspected by a veterinarian next week.  Bridget also needs to have her vaccinations brought up to date.

The Massachusetts Humane Society is a private organization, and receives no government funding.  Bridget’s expenses are more than they can afford, and need to raise funds to get her proper medical attention.

“No amount is too small,” Mainiero said.  “We have to get her medical needs up to date and figure out what she needs for that tumor.  We’ll also have to start looking for a foster care home for her.”

People who wish to help Bridget can donate to the Massachusetts Humane Society by going to their website at  or sending a check with “Bridget” in the memo line to:   P.O. Box 890127, East Weymouth, MA  02189