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Drone used to Create Video of Walking the Dog

by Melanie

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Are you tired of having to walk your dog all the time?  Not exactly the outdoors type?  Or maybe, you are a person with a disability.  No matter how you slice it, a dog walking drone, is one cool piece of technology, and may just change the way we do things in the future.

Jeff Myers, a New York City-based videographer used a drone to walk his golden retriever, and make a video of the whole thing, complete with music.  The dog seems not to mind the non-human giving the walking directions, and generally seems happy just to be out and about.

Myers used an AR drone to do the video.  An AR drone is a remotely controlled, flying vehicle that will often come with a camera mounted on it, and software that ranges from PC/Mac so it can be controlled with a laptop, to ones you could use an Android based device, or an Apple iPad or iPhone/iPod Touch.  Many models can even be purchased relatively cheaply online at sites like Amazon.  They come in everything from beginner models to teach you how to fly one, to some pretty advanced ones that have applications for almost anything.

The drone not only is capturing video of the event, but through the use of some nifty programming is also able to keep tabs on its location, where the dog is walking, and the check to make sure the dog is OK.