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Drugged Doggo’s Smile Is Sure to Make You Smile, Too

by Melanie

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Taking our pets to the vet is never fun, especially not when they’re in for surgery.  Their pain is our pain, and we feel for them.  But sometimes seeing those goofy lil faces all doped up on anesthetics is just too funny not to laugh, especially if they’re like this dog and really enjoying their high…

“Doggo went in for surgery and now he is DRUGGO,” tweeted hot librarian.



3.29.17 Drugged Doggos Smile Will Make You Smile1


Oscar had to go in for surgery on Monday to remove seven fatty tumors, and his mom, Sarah, had to get a picture of his smile in the car on the way home.

“He always had a tendency to smile, so that plus the sedatives ends up with this photo,” she explained to Buzzfeed.


3.29.17 Drugged Doggos Smile Will Make You Smile3


The cat, who apparently is “normally a lot meaner to him,” sat next to Oscar to keep an eye on him in his vulnerable state.

Poor Oscar isn’t the only one.  Here are some other pups who are feeling no pain…


3.29.17 Drugged Doggos Smile Will Make You Smile4




“Mom said I got fixed. That’s weird because I was never broken. Ugh I’m sleepy.”

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