Yolanda Was Left Behind When Her Humans Moved Away, and Needs Help Fast

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3.30.17 Yolanda


Good day, loyal Life With Dogs readers.  Today is Wednesday, and we again have a special request for help from our friends at the Fulton County Animal Services Shelter.  They have a dog called Yolanda, and she was abandoned when her humans moved away and just left her.  Our friends at Fulton have her in foster care, but they are going to need to move her, and they are hoping maybe a rescue group could step in and assist.

Of course, finding Yolanda a forever home is goal number one, but they’ll take any help they can get with beautiful Yolanda.  Let’s let Fulton introduce Yolanda:

I don’t know why my people moved away and left me.  I was alone in the backyard with my fur brother for days without food or water.  We were really scared and finally a nice man came and picked us up.  I get lots of food and water now.

The people are really nice, but I’m still a little afraid.  My favorite thing is when they take me outside.  That is all I’ve ever known so it feels strange to live in a small kennel.  

They tell me that I could have a chance to live inside with a nice person.  They say this person will take good care of me and I’ll never be abandoned again.  Could this be true?  Are you that person to give me a chance?

Fulton County Animal Services
860 Marietta Blvd NW
Atlanta, GA 30318
Shelter Hours: Monday- Friday 11am- 7pm
Saturday & Sunday 11am- 6pm
Email: [email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Urgent Animal Hotline: 678-870-4364

To see Yolanda’s bio page, click here.  To see the Fulton County Animal Services main page, click here and to see their Facebook page.