Duets: Kirby and Tucker

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A very talented musician has left many of us howling this week, and now singing Schnoodle Tucker is making a very big splash in the dog world.

As computers the world over belt out Tucker’s performance, dog ears are perking up, and one dog in particular is making it known that he’d like to share a little of the spotlight and enjoy his fifteen minutes. Given his passionate performance, I’m inclined to oblige. Bump up the volume, call your dogs into the room for the show, and enjoy a very special performance of…Ebony and Ivory!


5 thoughts on “Duets: Kirby and Tucker”

  1. Looks like Kirby was looking for a longer duet:) Phantom had been trying to sing along with Tucker the first day we watched it.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


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