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Injured Mother Dog Leads Rescuer to Litter of Puppies


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Animal lover Kim Gauldin noticed an injured dog wandering through her Pelham, N.C. neighborhood just prior to Christmas. The animal seemed hungry, but was not trusting enough to approach Gauldin and others at first. After multiple attempts, she did get close enough to note serious bleeding from wounds on the dog’s leg.

‘Rosie’, as she was subsequently nicknamed, eventually warmed to Gauldin, allowing her to pet her and pick her up. That’s when the woman realized that Rosie was in horrendous condition and would require extensive veterinary treatment. Suffering from what appeared to be a gunshot wound, the dog was fighting for survival with a substantial chunk of her leg missing.

Despite her suffering, Rosie was not about to be hauled off to the vet. The limping Beagle led Gauldin to an abandoned house nearby where she proudly introduced her litter of 8 puppies. “My heart was broken when I saw that,” said Gauldin. “I knew we had to do something. We couldn’t just leave her.”

Gauldin believes that someone shot Rosie and left her for dead, and is hoping those responsible are apprehended. “If somebody will drop off a dog and all of her babies, they’ll do anything to them,” she said. “You can tell she’s had some other abuse from the scars that are on her back.”

A local veterinarian has examined Rosie, and by the time you read this her leg will be amputated. The extent of her wounds and the time lapse before treatment have left no other options. In time, she’ll heal and adapt as only dogs do, and she’ll live out her days in the care of the loving stranger who refused to give up on an abandoned mother. “She’s a good mom,” said Gauldin. “She’s been determined, even during this injury, to take care of these puppies.”

*Warning: graphic wound footage included