Duke in Recovery: Special Dog Seeks Special Home

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A dog shot in the back and left for dead in the Des Moines River nearly a month ago is back on the move, and is seeking a new home.

Police are still seeking the person who shot Duke, a stray Mastiff mix, on January 27th. The shooter’s bullet lodged in his spine and left him partially paralyzed.

Duke is now in recovery at the Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center at Iowa State, where vets removed the bullet from his spine, but the damage was already done:  he will be confined to a mobility cart for the remainder of his days.

The reward to find the person who shot him stands at $6500. If you have any information about the shooting, call Des Moines Police at 283-4865. Those interested in adopting him may contact The Animal Rescue League of Iowa.

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9 thoughts on “Duke in Recovery: Special Dog Seeks Special Home”

  1. We hope to see the update and hope so much that Duke finds that special home. Kudos to that hospital for their good works of charity.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. This senseless act just breaks my heart. There was no reason to do such a cowardly thing to such a gentle giant.

    Just looking at Duke touches my heart because I am reminded of my Hannah. He looks exactly like her. I am not kidding, they could be twins! I hope they find the person that did this and I hope Duke gets the home he most certainly deserves.

  3. My family had a beautiful mongrel named Sugar for more than a decade until she was shot in the spine with an airgun. She died from the injury and we never found out the criminal. You’re a beautiful boy Duke. I know that you will find a loving family soon. Hang in there.

  4. Please do not let me know who shot this lovely dog. If I find out, they had better move into the witness protection because I will drive to Des Moines and personally see that they also have to walk with a wheel for the remainder of their lives………and I am serious.

  5. Duke is so cute. So sorry to see someone was so heartless that made him become paralayzed. So glad they helped this dog out. I just hope he finds a loving home soon.


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