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Microchip Scan Ends Three Year Separation of Priest and His Dog


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A South Florida priest was reunited with his pet dog Monday, three years after the German shepherd ran away from home.

The Rev. Anibal Morales says he was amazed to receive the good news in the form of a phone call that came while he was wrapping up a sermon. “I was like, ‘Wait a minute. Is this for real? After three years they have found him? How can that be?'” Morales said.

Given how much time had passed, even a man of the cloth could be forgiven for losing hope. Morales said that after three years, he was not expecting to see Lobo again. “One day, there was one of the gates that was left open, and he just wandered off,” Morales said. “I went all over the neighborhood for about two days looking for him, looking for him, looking for him. He was just a little puppy.”

Lobo was dropped off at the Miami-Dade shelter a week ago. Workers scanned him and quickly immediately found a microchip with Morales’ information.

“We were very fortunate to actually find information on the owner,” said Andrew Banchs, of Miami-Dade Animal Services. “A lot of people do not register their chips. It is always important to register your chips (with) your name, your phone number, e-mails, addresses.”

Morales is grateful for the reunion with his companion. “Being a priest, we have a very lonely life. We may have a lot of parishioners and a lot of friends, but when it comes to company, there’s nothing better than having a good dog by your side,” Morales said.

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