Duke’s Last Day Will Both Break and Warm Your Heart!

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Duke’s last day on earth, as told by Duke himself.  Okay, so maybe some liberties were taken – it’s just a tad anthropomorphic – but if dogs were capable of thinking on human level, this is exactly what Duke would have said.


6.10.15 - Duke's Last Day1


Though this is sad, it is evident that Duke really loved his family, and that they loved him.

3 thoughts on “Duke’s Last Day Will Both Break and Warm Your Heart!”

  1. It is 1:42 A.M Wednesday June 10th and I have just read about Duke’s last day. My IPad is covered in tears but not only of sorrow but they are mixed with joy for Dukey. To many people a pet is really just that, something to have but to others a pet is a certified member of the family. I am mom to three of the world’s most beautiful kitties—if I should say so myself. They all have first, middle and last names and I can’t imagine life without them.
    Thank you sincerely for sharing Duke with me, he was quite a handsome boy.


  2. I promised myself I wouldnt cry but halfway through it, I lost it. Smiling through the flood of tears. Happy that Duke knew love and that the family had a wonderful canine family member to share their lives. The hadeest thing about having a dog is they just dont live long enough! RIP Duke. You are a sweetheart!

  3. Duke left to be with the Angels and now he is one of them. As an angel he never really dies. As an angel he is still with those he loves. He will watch over and be with them until they all join him in heaven. May you rest in peace. You will never be forgotten. Amen.


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