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Dying Man Desperate to See his Dog Again


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mrcutieJohn Simpson has only days to live. Dying from pancreatic cancer the man’s dying wish is to see his dog again.

Last Thanksgiving Simpson got the diagnosis and doctors told him he only had four to six months to live. During the past few months the one thing that has kept him in good spirits is his dog, Mr. Cutie.

On Sunday Simpson’s spirits were crushed when Mr. Cutie went missing. A neighbor was watching the Chihuahua when Mr. Cutie dug a hole under the fence and disappeared.

“I really think he was looking for John,” said friend Ann Marie Gemmel.

Friends have been desperately searching for Mr. Cutie ever since he went missing. They’ve posted pictures all over, but there have been no sightings. Mr. Cutie was last seen wearing a red collar, but unfortunately he wasn’t wearing any tags at the time. He was last seen near Moog Road in Holiday, Florida.

Doctors believe John will only live a few more days, but he’s desperate to see his dog one more time.

“My only wish would be for my dog to come home,” Simpson said. “Part of me feels like I can go in peace if that happens.”

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