Easter and Chopper: A Dog and a Donkey Play Tag

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After watching this playful game of tag about 50 times over the weekend our dogs have only one thing to say: “Please get us a donkey and get it now!”

I can’t blame them. Between the singing birds, the beautiful scenery, and the thrill of watching two different species at play I’m in a full-blown cuteness coma. And while this precious play date may alarm those who are not experts on asses, do not fear: these two are true buddies, and after they wear themselves out you can drop in on a snuggle session in the second video below. ♥

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16 thoughts on “Easter and Chopper: A Dog and a Donkey Play Tag”

  1. very cute (and slow) donkey. too bad he has be collared and tied.
    Is there really a second video? Nothing but a white block – is it me?

  2. Holy cow! I have a donkey- and this just cracks me up because Simon (my donkey) acts on his natural instinct with all things dog-like LOL and it wouldn’t end well for my dog! But Simon is THE BEST watchdog we have- he is so protective of our farm animals, even the goats. He does his job, and he does it well.

  3. These two buddies are adorable. What a great way for both to get their exercise and have fun at the same time!

  4. Very unusual, donkeys generally do not appreciate anything from the dog world, tame or not; many sheep farmers use donkeys to guard against wolves and coyotes. Most of the mini donk experts also caution against dog/donkey interaction. It is wonderful to know that there are exceptions out there!

  5. ha the dog was cheating, he kept going out of bounds, lol…the second video was great…my friend has bulldogs and a few donkeys and horses, the donkeys and the bulldogs get along great


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