Egyptian Street Dog Finds Loving Home in America

by Katherine

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In April 2013, a mixed, eight-week-old street dog roamed a landfill in Cairo, Egypt. The young pup looked more like a rat than a pet, but his physical appearance and sickly health status did not stop Emily Wallace from saving him.

Wallace taught English in Egypt from 2008 to 2013, and during her stay abroad she realized how animals were neglected and abused there. As an animal lover herself, she decided to do something and help as many strays as she could, that’s why in 2013 she founded Anubis Bastet Adoptions.

Photo Credit: Left image by Dani Scott, right image by Karen Miller
Photo Credit: Left image by Dani Scott, right image by Karen Miller


The sickly puppy was rescued from the garbage. He had matted hair, fleas and worms, but thanks to his rescuers he made a full recovery. Six months later he was on his way to the United States to become Dani Scott’s beloved pet.

Scott lives in Key Penninsula, Wash., and through the power of social media and fundraising, she was able to raise enough funds to fly the stray to America. Once here, the discarded dog was named Chance Anubis and learn what being a loved dog is all about. He has a nine-year-old human sister and two feline brothers.

Scott spoke with Gateline.com and said she hopes Chance’s story will inspire people at home and abroad to help pets in need. She wants people to know there are loving dogs looking for homes from all over the world, and she also wants people in Egypt to know that street dogs, with love and care, can make good pets.

Long gone are the days when Chance scavenged and looked for shelter in piles of trash, all he knows now is he is loved and part of a pack.

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