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Eight Months Later, Lost Dog Finds Way to Owner’s New Home

by Katherine

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Loving pet owners are devastated when their fur-babies get lost. All owners wish and pray their pets are found alive and well, and for a couple in Cambria, Calif., this wish came true on April 17, 2015. Mina the Pit bull got lost in September 2014 while her family lived in Kern County, but on April 17, 2015, the three of them reunited in the couples’ new neighborhood.

Mina reunited with her owner.
Mina reunited with her owner.


Rogelio and Marely Benitez say their dog got out of their yard and got lost eight months ago. The pet owners posted fliers, visited shelters and took to social media to find their pet, but unfortunately never did.

The Benitez moved to Cambria and fate wanted them to find and reunite with Mina.

Last December, Mina somehow ended up at the Woods Humane Society, which is just 30 minutes away from the Benitez’s new home, and since then she was been looking and waiting for her family.

“We thought she’d be adopted really quickly. She’s such a sweet girl,” Woods intake coordinator Chantelle Little told KSBY News. However, the dog kept being overlooked by potential adopters because of her breed.

The Benitez planned to adopt a new dog and Rogelio started their search online. When he searched the Woods Humane Society’s website, Mina’s pictured showed up and the Benitez couldn’t wait to visit the shelter and get their dog back.

The very next day the couple arrived at the Humane Society and Mina immediately recognized her owners.

“The first thing she did was run to [Rogelio],” Marley said. “She’s going to be a part of our lives once again.”

Mina has now been microchipped and if she ever runs away from home again, the chip will quickly help her get back where she belongs.