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Eight Puppies Rescued and Given Second Chance


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One of the rescued puppies

Eight adorable puppies are getting a second chance at life several states away from where they were abandoned. It is all possible thanks to the teamwork of rescuers in Tennessee and Rhode Island.

The eight mixed-breed puppies were being housed in a kill shelter in Tennessee after they were abandoned. All eight puppies were marked for euthanization when Cindy Rhoda came to their rescue. Rhoda lives right outside of Chattanooga and this isn’t the first time she’s come to the rescue of puppies and dogs in need in her area.

Rhoda transports rescued puppies and dogs to new homes and rescues on a weekly basis as director of Pooches on the Move.

“We deliver all the way from Virginia to New Hampshire,” said Rhoda.

In order to save the eight puppies though she needed someone to transport them to, luckily she has a long standing relationship with Kate Dubuque.

“If it wasn’t for Kate being able to quarantine, we wouldn’t have a stop in the state of Rhode Island,” said Rhoda.

Dubuque holds a state license for her Little Rhody Rescue that allows her to keep out-of-state dogs for five days. State law in Rhode Island requires this quarantine to confirm the animals’ health.

Dubuque and Rhoda’s rescue partnership goes back to 2001. The met years ago when Rhoda lives in Rhode Island and now they work together to help save abandoned animals.


The eight puppies that were saved this time are doing well.  Four of them have already found homes and Dubuque knows the other four will have no trouble finding homes either.