Eighteen Dogs Removed from Home in Dog Hoarding Case

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10.6.14 - Eighteen Dogs Removed from Home in Dog Hording Case1

Animal control officers and an animal welfare group removed 18 dogs from a home in Trenton, New Jersey.  The dogs were reported as having many parasites, infections and were very underweight.

The Animal Alliance alongside Trenton law enforcement officials were responsible for the rescue, and many of the dogs still remain in the care of the Animal Alliance.  The Trenton municipal shelter took in three of the dogs, while the Animal Alliance took the other 15.

10.6.14 - Eighteen Dogs Removed from Home in Dog Hording Case2

The dogs still in the care of the Animal Alliance are still undergoing extensive treatments to get them back to health, and in an adoptable state.  They are still fighting infections and parasites, and flea infestations.

“In these overcrowding cases, there tends not to be a lot of visitor traffic in the home; the owner likely knows they have too many dogs, and aren’t inviting many people over,” said Anne Trinkle.  Trinkle is the executive director of the Animal Alliance.  “We immerse them with lots of enrichment and socialization with our wonderful staff and caring volunteers.”

10.6.14 - Eighteen Dogs Removed from Home in Dog Hording Case4

Donations are sought by the Animal Alliance to assist in paying for care and food for the dogs.

“The Trenton Humane Law Enforcement appreciates that Animal Alliance was able to help in this case,” said Joe Antonello in a press release.  “They’ve helped us many times before, and we are grateful that we can count on them for assistance in our lifesaving efforts for our shelter population and also for special cases like this one.”

10.6.14 - Eighteen Dogs Removed from Home in Dog Hording Case3

16 thoughts on “Eighteen Dogs Removed from Home in Dog Hoarding Case”

  1. Not that I would want 18 dogs living next to me but I don’t know. These few pics look like the dogs are in pretty decent condition, meaning that they were cared for the best the person could do themselves. Why not just HELP the person to care for them? They don’t look abused or frightened from their home and owner. Why can’t society help out and give them the meds and some more food rations if the owner can’t afford to do it her/himself? Dogs are abused and put down every day. Why add to the masses of pound dogs when these have an owner willing to keep them and care for them as best they can? They have a home and a pack to call their own, why break their hearts too? Dogs mourn their pack when separated. I’m not there, don’t know all of the particulars, but this feels like kindness and generosity could have been offered to help out.

    • I agree with Arlynn. I dont see their abused dogs. If the owner is kind to them, please help the owner. Taking them away is not the solution all the time.


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