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Ellen DeGeneres Thanks Wellesley Fire Department for Heroic Rescue of Dog


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Last month the brave firefighters of Wellesley Fire Department saved the life of Crosby, a Golden Retriever that had fallen into the icy Charles River. Yesterday Ellen DeGeneres honored and thanked those firefighters on her talk show.

The rescue of Crosby from the Charles River went viral last month. Video footage showed firefighters from the Wellesley Fire Department enter the frigid Charles River and break the ice to save Crosby’s life.

Firefighters saving lives is nothing new, but it still merits appreciation. Ellen DeGeneres, who is an animal lover, wanted to thank the firefighters that rescued Crosby. She brought them on her show this week along with Crosby’s owner to share their story. DeGeneres also had a special surprise for the firefighters.

“I love Boston so much, I love Massachusetts, but it’s cold there,” said DeGeneres. “I think you deserve to go somewhere warm, so each of you are going on a trip to the Caribbean from Princess Cruises.”

The Wellesley fire department is also being honored by others. They will be receiving PETA’s Compassionate Fire Department Award.

The video of Crosby’s rescue can be viewed below.