Elwood & Reeses: Bonded Mastiffs Seek New Home After Owner’s Death

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A pair of best friends with a sad story are languishing in a Florida shelter after their owner died unexpectedly, and we’re hoping that you or someone you know will be able to provide a new home for both.

A tragic ‘pet available’ listing caught our attention last night after a friend clued us in to Elwood and Reeses and their tale of woe. They have only been in the shelter a few days, but their picture was shared with a sad note that read, These two spent nearly a week in their house with the body of their deceased owner before they were found. Can someone give these sad dogs a forever home?

We can’t, but we’re certain there is a dog lover out there with a heart and a home large enough to accommodate them. Perhaps by sharing their details, you can help them to find that new home.


Elwood & Reeses are being held at the Orange County Animal Services – Pet Rescue & Adoption Center in Orlando.


For more details, visit their available pet listings here. IDs: Reeses: A106461 Elwood: A224531

19 thoughts on “Elwood & Reeses: Bonded Mastiffs Seek New Home After Owner’s Death”

  1. My Mastiff is such an only child! I would take them both in a heartbeat if not for that. Mastiff’s are so easy to love, but you gotta give them LOTS of attention and they become very attached. My heart breaks for these two losing their human like that.

  2. If there is a way to get them to Grand Prairue, TX, I know that I would definately take them both. i have a 13 week old mastiff puppy that would LOVE to have some big siblings! An if I cant take them I know my parents would love them!! We are both families that LOVE extra large breeds lile Mastiffs!

  3. Such grand dogs. They do look so sad. My best wishes for them. I’ve rescued three fine dogs and don’t have room for more. God bless those critters.

  4. I hope you people leaving comments that you would take them if there was a way to get them to you will be proactive and FIND a way to get them to you….

    • I agree.. If you want them – then contact the rescue and work on that.. this is a sad situation.. and these dogs need a home together..


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