Emaciated Dog Found in NYC Dumpster

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Discovered in a dumpster, an emaciated pit bull is recovering from a severe case of starvation, and will soon be available for adoption.

Julie Bank, Executive Director of Animal Care & Control said a staffer noticed the dog in a dumpster in the Bronx. Nicknamed Ella by shelter employees, the weakened dog was unable to walk, and could only hold her head up for short periods of time.

Ella is expected to be available for adoption in the next three to four weeks, and is recovering in the care of a foster home. If you’re interested in providing her with a forever home, please e-mail Animal Care & Control  info(at)nyacc.org.

44 thoughts on “Emaciated Dog Found in NYC Dumpster”

  1. WTF is wrong with people? This seems to be happening so often. Why would someone feel like they could abuse an animal and then throw it away like trash?! I hope this person is found and made to suffer like poor Ella did.

    • I agree. Lately it’s the same story over and over again, from Patrick to now Ella. What is wrong with them that they do this to a poor defenseless animal? It shows just have depraved humans have become to the cruelty to animals. And if they do it to an animal, you know they will do the same to other people.

      If you no longer have the money to feed and care for the dog, just turn it over to a rescue or the humane society. I know some places ask for a donation to take in the dog, but if you don’t have the $$$ they will all still take dogs no matter what.

  2. I seriously hate most people, and I wouldn’t even give too hoots if this person died a horrible death. I would go to their funeral and dance and sing in happiness.

  3. I hope they find the sick person who threw this poor beautiful dog away like garbage and punish them to the full excent. So many people who lost everything in the tornadoes would give anything to find their beloved pets and this stupid person just dumps theirs. Why people have to be so cruel is beyound imagination. If you no longer want a pet give them to a rescue . Someone will love them and be thrilled to have them. To the person who did this may the same thing happen to you….

  4. Another one filed under, “WTF is wrong with people”. That part of my brain is about to burst…too filled.


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