Emaciated Dog Found in NYC Dumpster

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Discovered in a dumpster, an emaciated pit bull is recovering from a severe case of starvation, and will soon be available for adoption.

Julie Bank, Executive Director of Animal Care & Control said a staffer noticed the dog in a dumpster in the Bronx. Nicknamed Ella by shelter employees, the weakened dog was unable to walk, and could only hold her head up for short periods of time.

Ella is expected to be available for adoption in the next three to four weeks, and is recovering in the care of a foster home. If you’re interested in providing her with a forever home, please e-mail Animal Care & Control  info(at)nyacc.org.

44 thoughts on “Emaciated Dog Found in NYC Dumpster”

  1. Beyond horrible…there are some very evil people in this world but thank goodness I think the good outnumber them.

  2. people dont do this,scumballs do,losers do,,,,the mentality of some makes me wonder why they do this,do they think they can get away with it,maybe for a few minutes but someone is always watching,and you will be caught,you better hope the authorities catch you first,or you will be very sorry.

  3. I saw this story on Eyewitness news this morning. So sad but they interviewed the vet who is taking care of Ella and they said she is slwly gaining weight and can stand a little longer than she was and walks a little more each day. So thank god for whomever saved her and brought her for care.


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