Emaciated Pit Bull Saved Thanks to Dog Walker

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Meghan Beach from Enfield, Conn., was out walking her dogs on May 18, 2015, when she came across an emaciated black pit bull. The dog had a difficult time walking and Beach new she couldn’t turn a blind eye to the pet in need. Thanks to her, the skinny dog was rescued and is now recovering.

“She was completely skin and bones,” Beach told Fox CT. “She walked very slowly, like everything hurt.”


Beach approached the dog and after realizing how skinny and abused the pet was, she called police. Officers were dispatched to Bernardino Avenue to pick up the dog and transport her to an animal clinic.

Veterinarians examined the pet, found no microchip on her and said she was approximately one or two years old. A healthy dog at that age should weigh between 40-60 lbs, but the abused pet only weighed 15 lbs.

Enfield Animal Control is keeping the dog and nursing her back to health. Once she is healthy she will be made available for adoption, meanwhile there is an ongoing police investigation and rescuers hope the criminals who abused the young dog are apprehended.

“We’ve never had a dog in this bad of shape come into the pound before,” said Animal Control Officer Eric Boucher. “[This is] plain neglect, abuse animal cruelty.”

Authorities encourage anyone with information about the abuse to call animal control at 860-763-8944.

26 thoughts on “Emaciated Pit Bull Saved Thanks to Dog Walker”

  1. Yes, it’s sad that anyone would allow this to happen to any animal they chose to care for. But can we be truly surprised when there are those to do the same thing to their own children?

  2. Just watched a movie Susie’s Hope about a pit bull which was beated, burned and left for dead — 2 months old. Everyone should see this movie. North Carolina passed into law that if you do the crime, you do the time and Donna is now going around the country to get this law passed in all states. In her situation, the pit bull victim was the property of the savage’s girlfriend and because of that, he was able to be sentenced in jail. If it was the owner who was the savage, he would have walked. So in other words, burn your neighbor’s couch, you’ll go to jail. Burn an animal, hang it till it croaks and you walk. I got my Bijou over 25 years ago when kids were putting out cigarettes in her. I tackled the culprit, and burned him on both sides of his face….lucky for me, the officer was an animal lover.

    • Saw this fantastic movie about a month ago. The woman who rescued Susie had actually been attacked by a pit bull and helping Susie helped her to give over her fears.

    • To Rosemary, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for doing that to that abuser! People like that don’t deserve to live!! Jail time isn’t good enough for these …disgusting THINGS! But…before they die, I hope and pray that they suffer endless horrific pain!

  3. Joyce E Scott had left a comment about Steve King from Iowa wanting dog fighting and such to be legal and okay! I replied “Joyce E Scott I don’t know why they keep that sadist in office. He is totally against any rights for farm animals also for being humanely treated. Put these idiots together with a judge who feels the same way and even the laws don’t stand a chance…but stiffer laws are at least a start!!”

    • Donna I have no idea how these type of individuals ever are elected to lead our country. I did visit his face book page and many have expressed their dislike of his actions. Where I live families have had their pets to be taken for dog fighting. My neighbor just happen to find his boxer tied to a stranger’s tree. He was pitiful. Another neighbor’s dog vanished into thin air. We suspect he was taken for this very reason. This was a happy and gentle eight year old. I am hopeful that this man will not be re-elected.to Congress by the Iowa voters.. How does anyone get to be so tolerant of such savage actions.

  4. As A Dog Owner, I Would Like To Applaud Ms. Beach By Rescuing That Injured American Terriers, I Don’t Like To Call Them By That Negative Name [P___] For Pete & Spuds The Bud Beer Dogs Were Terriers. When I Ear Or See Stories Like This 1 Or Those ASPCA PSA Commercials About Dog [Cats] I Do Feel Sorry For Those Animals. I Don’t Know Why People Could Get Dogs For No More Than A Short Period Of Time/Months ? Only To Harm / Discard Them Like ‘Trash’ !
    I Would Like To See Those Who Do It Get Punched Out By Me Or Some Other ‘Good’ Dog Owner & Have That Dog Go Over To That [B______] Mean X Owner & Get P & S On! Or Like In A Pass Cartoon Strip The X Owner Was @ A Firing Squad Pole As 5 Dogs Were The Firers!.
    My Boxer Is 11 Yrs. Old & Yet He Thinks He’s 1 Yrs. Old, When He Comes By Me When I’m Either On My Computer Chair Or Recliner W/ His Babies[Toys] And Wants Me To Play W/ Him Or When I Came Home From A Stressful Day In The Past,He’d Always Had Given Me A Smile !.


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