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English Bulldog Puppy Shares Good Morning Smooches With Baby

by Melanie

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3.31.14 - Bulldog Puppy & Baby Smooches1

It’s amazing how quickly we can find friendship in our lives.  For this little pup and his young friend, friendship took no time at all.

Scott Lathrop, father of Sienna, the baby seen in the video and pictures, says he’s been around English bulldogs almost his whole life, and is quite comfortable treating them as any other member of the family.

Sienna, Lathrop’s six-month-old daughter is quite fond of the kisses and snuggles.  The video first hit Good Morning America, and soon it was a viral sensation all over the net.

“Sometimes she’ll get a little bent out of shape when they’re licking on her face, but they’re pretty cuddly and affectionate to be around so she doesn’t seem to mind.”