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Adorable Cake Smash Session for Puppy’s First Birthday


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Kristeen Hudson is a photographer, mostly specializing in newborns and babies. She’s also the proud mother to a miniature labradoodle  puppy named Rosie. Mixing her passions – photography and Rosie – leads to LOTS of pictures of her pup. She describes this and what led her to take the below photos,

 “To say I have a lot of pictures of my pup would be an understatement. So when Rosie’s 1st birthday rolled around I knew I had to do something epic!”

Something that Kristeen does with her clients (normally babies and toddlers) is a cake smash session. This is where you give a one year old baby a cake first the first time on their first birthday. The session normally involves an elaborate backdrop and a fun outfit.

So, Kristeen decided to do this with Rosie – a puppy cake smash session! The session started with portraits of Rosie in her birthday outfit.

Rosie portrait

Rosie Portrait 3

Rosie portrait2

She also had a birthday cake made for the beloved puppy. This cake may look like a human cake, but Kristeen assured us it was made with dog friendly ingredients including  peanut butter, whole wheat flower, no added sugar and blueberries (that’s what made the inside of the cake purple). The frosting was died purple with boiled cabbage.

After everything was set up, it was time for Rosie to smash her cake! She defiantly enjoyed this tasty treat!

Rosies cake2

Rosies cake1

Rosies cake3

Rosie is actually a pretty delicate eater. So Kristeen took it upon herself to mess her up a bit. Rosie didn’t really seem to mind.

Rosie eating cake2

Rosie eating cake3

Rosie eating cake

Cake is no fun when you eat alone. So Kristeen also invited Rosie’s best friend over – Hoosier the miniature dachshund. These two friends shared very well with each other.

rosie-hoosier (5)

rosie-hoosier (4)

rosie-hoosier (3)

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