English Mastiff Refuses to Get off the Bed

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See what happens when one woman tries to get her English Mastiff to get off the bed that he knows he’s not supposed to be on.



Mouseanater says:  “This is my Mastiff Lincoln doing everything he can to NOT have to get off the bed. THIS IS JUST PLAY, IF I ASK HIM TO GET OFF THE BED STERNLY HE WILL JUMP RIGHT OFF. Let’s keep the animal training comments to a minimum!! I REPEAT WE ARE PLLAAYYYIINNNG.”

 Yes.  Enjoy!




6 thoughts on “English Mastiff Refuses to Get off the Bed”

  1. My dog does the same little dance when I play with him to get off the bed, but like you if I mean it he gets right off, by the way gorgeous dog i love it 🙂

  2. He DOES sound like Chewbacca (sp?)! Talking back, bantering an even teasing you back!
    I loved this video. What fun!

  3. Just like someone above said, I wouldn’t get any work done around the house…I would be too busy hugging and loving on this big baby. I absolutely love him….and I see he has a bed on the side, of your bed. My two have the same beds and they prefer my bed. Looks like it is time to get a king size bed so its enough room for all of you. He is amazing….lucky family and lucky dog. Thanks for sharing.


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