ERC Study Finds 50% of DC Cab Drivers Avoid Blind Customers With Service Dogs

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This is just a sad commentary. The video says it all.

In a report released Wednesday morning, The Equal Rights Center said it conducted 30 tests earlier this year and that in half of the tests, drivers passed a man or woman with a guide dog to pick up a person who did not have a guide dog. In three of the cases where the taxi did stop for the blind person, the driver attempted to impose a surcharge for transporting the dog.

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10 thoughts on “ERC Study Finds 50% of DC Cab Drivers Avoid Blind Customers With Service Dogs”

  1. Just when I was feeling a little better about humanity due to the on-going recovery of Sweetheart and that her vet practically comped her care so far for the rescue who took her in. How proud am I to be human? Not too.

  2. This is horrible and unnerving to me! I have been passed up by cabbies myself, but I do not have a service dog. When I asked several cabbies why they were refusing me and my pooch a ride, their response was that their religion, Muslim, believe that dogs are vile dirty creatures. Most of the cabbies I questioned were from Iran, Pakistan and one from India. Now mind you this was back when I was wealthier and the one cabbie that did offer me a ride (the gentleman was from India and may have been Hindu) I pulled out a $50.00 bill in front of all the men handed it to him and said as loud as I could “This is your tip I am giving it to you ahead of time.” I hope those fools remember that day the next time someone approaches them for a ride with a dog.


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