Puppy Expo Exposé

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KTVI-FOX2now.com in St. Louis ran a recent multi part series on an alleged puppy mill that also owned the store where many of it’s pups were sold. Bonnie and Herman Schindler are said to have approximately 1,000 puppies on the property and a staff of only ten to provide for them – meaning each employee cares for 100 dogs each day. Despite multiple citations from USDA the Schindlers and Puppy Expo continue to operate. A November ballot initiative could lead to a 50 puppy limit for breeders, putting larger mills like this one out of business.

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12 thoughts on “Puppy Expo Exposé”

  1. I get an upset tummy thinking about those poor dog! I sure wish people would be wiser consumers and do a little more research on where their dogs come from! Personally I prefer to adopt recycled dogs. It is good for my environment <3

  2. The pet store is closed – the landlord kicked them out after this story hit the news., although they probably have other outlets for the puppies and are still breeding. So sad.

  3. Uck uck uck. While Ruth provided some good news, where will all those puppies and Mammas (and Dads?) go? Oh, I hate reading about or watching sad doggie stories, but you are doing a good job of educating – this stuff is all over the place – just scanned through some other yucky stuff here – where do you find these horror tales? Still… we missed you guys. Big smooch to you, Nigel!
    Sammie, Mom and the gang here

  4. Just stopped by to say Hi- been reading the daily updates in my mailbox but haven’t come here to leave any messages lately because school started with a bang last week…Thanks for keeping us updated on canine news around the world. Have a great Labor Day weekend!

  5. I watch Animal Cops on the TV, over here in the UK, and had formed the impression – from what I’ve seen – that the Humane Society has police backing!
    Why, then, doesn’t the Humane Society – along with a Deputy – check out this puppy farm? I’ve seen them do it in places like Houston…with great success! The proprietors of the ‘farm’ can’t refuse THEM entry, can they?


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