Esperanza: A Mother’s Love

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Updated 7-22-11

Esperanza and her kit-pup have been formally adopted (together) by Amber and Vince Gunderson of Edmonton, Alberta.

Esperanza was brought to the Edmonton Humane Society in December 2010 after being found near Red Deer, Alberta, by rescue group For the Love of Dogs. She was suffering with a badly broken back leg.

She was found trying to survive, along with her litter of 5 puppies and…a lone kitten! Taking it in as one of her own, the loving mother has made it a permanent member of her pack.

Now Esperanza is receiving the care she so desperately needed, is on the mend, and will soon be ready to find her forever home.


27 thoughts on “Esperanza: A Mother’s Love”

  1. One of life’s little miracles x 7 (one mama, 5 pups and one kitten) all doing so well thanks to Esperanza.

  2. So glad mom and pups and cat are doing okay. Thank goodness they were able to save her and help her out. Amazing how she took on a kitten. Good for her.

  3. Someone once asked how I could have compassion for animals, but not for my sister who chose her crackhead husband over her kids. I said, because at least animals try to be good parents.


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