Poppy Goes Home: Happy Ending for Battered Lab

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A shocking incident of dog abuse captured on CCTV has produced a very happy ending for Poppy, the Labrador Retriever puppy seen in the gut-wrenching video below. The faint of heart would be well served to skip the video: instead see comments here and you’ll understand just how horrified those of us who saw it were at the time. Given the abuses she endured at the hands of her previous owner, the news that she’s moved into a loving home could not be more welcome.

Poppy is now looking forward to a new life with  Mark Thomas, 30, and his fiancee Stacey Gartland, 23. The Lacanshire couple have renamed their new family member Hollie, and they make no bones about their intentions for her. Thomas said, “We are definitely going to spoil her. She has been out in the snow and absolutely loves it. I don’t understand how anyone could treat a dog like Hollie was. But she seems to be loving her new home and is a really happy dog. We are both delighted.”

Hollie was nursed back to health by RSPCA staff after the beating administered by her previous owner. Tunisian Mohammed Abou-Sabaa, 21, admitted to a brutal attack on five month old yellow labrador Poppy because he was “having a bad day”,  according to court testimony. He landed more than 20 blows on the dog before kicking Poppy down a flight of stairs outside his flat. CCTV cameras also filmed him standing with his full weight on her neck. Abou-Sabaa was given a six-week sentence (suspended for two years), ordered to do 250 hours community service, and banned from owning an animal for four years.

Warning: Graphic content

Considering where she’s come from, the future could not look brighter for Hollie. According to Thomas, she seems to appreciate it: “She just loves all the attention and things are going really well.”

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26 thoughts on “Poppy Goes Home: Happy Ending for Battered Lab”

  1. Abou-Sabaa was given a six-week sentence (suspended for two years), ordered to do 250 hours community service, and banned from owning an animal for four years.

    that’s it???????

    when are we going to learn?

    Yay for Hollie though….. may her life be filled with happy from here on out.

  2. This perp should be banned from owning any animal for life…not that it would be enforced. I pity his family the next bad day! On the brighter side…happy days for Holly are in store thanks to all who intervened on her behalf. Cheers

  3. I’m so happy that adorable puppy has found a loving new home. May that man burn in hell for what he did to an innocent puppy. And I pray to God he doesn’t have children…if he does, I’d investigating him for child abuse too.

  4. I shouldn’t have watched it. I shouldn’t have. My heart breaks for this dog having to experience a moment like that and more! I can only ease the thought of the lab experiencing that by thinking there has to be a special place in hell for those who abuse animals and a special place in heaven for the animals that survive the abuse. I am grateful the dog was adopted out, truly. But it doesn’t erase this past. And that we live in world where such minimal sentences are carried out for such a crime? I do not understand.

  5. Oh I remember this story! The jerk in this case who abused the puppy is a son of an ambassador. That’s why he got such a light sentence.

    So glad Hollie is in a loving home now.

  6. Heartbreaking video – that poor puppy! So happy she’s going to a loving family.

    The sentence hardly seems harsh enough, guess we’ll have to trust in Karma to give him what he truly deserves.

    It angers me so much to see senseless crap like that… I feel no shame in saying I HATE HIM

    I pray every day for the poor souls out there who must endure abuse

    • Sunshine, I hate him too…. all I can think about is what that poor puppy must have been thinking at the time, “what have I done wrong?” “I don’t understand why you are so mad at me?” I hate violence, but I’d like to smack this guy too. Quite frankly, I am tired of all the excuses these type of abusers give as reasons for their intolerable behavior.


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