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Extreme Hard Luck Case Gives Rescuer Sweetest “Thank You” Ever

by Fred

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Even though this poor little girl had been injured, was starving, had been abandoned and left for dead, and was being relentlessly attacked by a group of other stray, male dogs, she still hasn’t lost her sweet nature.  She has no reason to trust anyone at all, but she still knows that if she goes with these humans, she’ll have a good shot at finding a forever family.

It can be amazing, the kind of reaction you get when rescuing a dog.  Sure, some have been so badly abused and neglected that they fight their rescuers tooth and claw the whole way.  Given time may may come around, and many people that have done a rescue or two know just how grateful a rescued dog can be.

You also have dogs like this one here.  Yeah, she’s definitely been through hell and back, but she seems to recognize the opportunity being presented.  Thanks to the tireless work of rescue groups all across the world, dogs everywhere are given another shot at a really great life with a loving family.

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