Woman Gives Beautiful Send-Off to the Dog She Saved 17 Years Ago

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WARNING!  Break out the tissue boxes folks, it’s going to be one of those stories.

7.27.16 - Jesusita and Solovino1

Jesusita had no clue that the stray dog that literally wandered into her life 17 years ago, was going to be the dog that would grow old with her.  It didn’t matter that she didn’t have money, and had very little in the way to give materially.  These two bonded over a common loneliness, that they would work together to erase over the years.

She would come to name the dog Solovino, which in Spanish means “he came alone.”  Over the 17 years they had together, they became inseparable.  However as Solovino got older, and it became more difficult for him to take the stairs into their home, Jesusita began to realize that she would one day have to say goodbye.

7.27.16 - Jesusita and Solovino2

“We got a call on our hotline from the owner saying that she had a 17-year-old dog and needed help with humane euthanasia and transport,” said Kerry Armstrong in an interview with The Dodo.  Armstrong is the founder of Home Dog LA, which was created to be an alternative to a traditional shelter.

“Many people love their animals and don’t want to see them suffer at the end of their life or at the end of a terminal illness, but they do not have the means to pay for euthanasia at a vet,” said Armstrong. “Sometimes they try to bring their animals to the shelter because they think they have no other option.”

Last week, a Home Dog member called Sandra Shadic came to the small apartment Jesusita and Solovino had shared over the past 17 years.  They all enjoyed a hamburger together, said their last tearful goodbyes, and Solovino was taken to a local clinic.

7.27.16 - Jesusita and Solovino3

Solovino now awaits Jesusita on the other side.  She knew from the very moment he wandered into her life that they were meant to grow old together, she just needed a little help with saying goodbye.  Thankfully Home Dog and the wonderful people that work so hard to keep people together with their pets until the very last moment she was finally able to.

Please consider making a donation to support Home Dog LA, and the very important work that they do.  If you would, please click here for more information on ways to support them.  Thank you very much in advance.

9 thoughts on “Woman Gives Beautiful Send-Off to the Dog She Saved 17 Years Ago”

  1. that was so nice and yet sad to truly say goodby to a friend who becomes part of your family it is truly hard I know I have been at that moment my self

  2. Re: Lesa Sheridan Buckley comment. The report does not indicate where Solovino was put down. Your comment is cruel and without basis.
    Bless Jesusita, Solovino and Home Dog.

  3. She clearly went to the clinic with the dog. If you look in the first picture she sitting in the backseat of a vehicle it has grey leather seats and they have them covered. And then the second picture that dog is at the vet clinic on one of the cots because he has one of the pads under there that are the surgical ones. The article just reads wrong people need to stop blaming her for not going with her dog to the clinic because she clearly did

  4. I too had to do this with a dog I rescued as a pup, and had for 17 years. Her name was Patches. She was there through the births of my 3 children, divorce, remarriage, college years, everything. She’s been gone almost 3 years now, and how I miss her! Her gift was the love she left behind, which I now share with five other dogs!

  5. I don’t understand why there can’t be a service that goes to homes to euthanize pets. Why do they always have to be taken away from the homes they love to go to a cold vet office or a shelter? Are there laws that say pets can’t be euthanized at home, while being held by their owners?

  6. If you look at the photo where the woman is kissing her beloved pet you can see the
    dog is on a small fold up cot, which is on top a metal shelf like in the vets office exam rooms.

    Looks to me like the dog was being cared for in a safe place and the owner was there for the
    final moments

  7. To Those who have never read it, read “The Rainbow Bridge” poem. It says it all. Google it to find it.


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