Extremely Neglected & Sickly Dog Rescued from the Side of the Road

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7.5.15 - Mia's Rescue


This plea comes from Mia’s rescuers:

This is our little sweetheart Mia. She was found walking along Lowell Rd in Westmoreland (NY) on 7/2/15. She has been lost or neglected for a long time, extremely malnourished and in poor health. My girlfriend spotted her and pulled over, and Mia was a little nervous but walked right up to her slowly.

She was literally skin and bone, with an awful odor and some skin wounds. So my girlfriend took her home, and she was weak but eating and drinking well, then we gave her a bath. She is such a good dog, well-behaved with an amazing temperament, and not fazed at all by our other dogs. Her suffering is truly heartbreaking; you just can’t help but love her.

The next morning, we took her to the vet, and even she was amazed that Mia was still alive in her condition. An x-ray revealed a couple questionable stomach masses and a massive urine stone that occupies so much of her bladder it’s causing difficult and bloody urination; without immediate surgical removal she could die. Unfortunately, NYS law requires that we wait 5 days before operating in case her owner is found. The dog warden basically told us that they could jump some hoops to get her put down before then, but they can’t save her life without permission. What kind of backwards policy is that??

Otherwise, the Humane Society agreed to take her in and stabilize her, but won’t pay for surgery – only the bare minimum. That’s not what we want at all, so in the meantime she has pain medication to keep her comfortable, with plenty of love and care, in the hopes of building her strength before surgery. Now all we can do is wait and pray.

After five days, she will have a more extensive exam with bloodwork to make sure she is stable. The vet estimated Mia is 3-4 years old, and this baby deserves a long, happy and healthy life. If we can’t find her the perfect home, we will surely end up keeping her but the expenses are not affordable for us without help. The visit today alone came out to $127, and future costs will go up tremendously. Any little bit makes a difference, and we are so incredibly grateful for your support. Please help save Mia!!! <3

If you would like to help save Mia’s life, please click here.


7.5.15 - Mia's Rescue3


UPDATE:  7/5/15 6:40 PM

Mia is home after being rushed to Syracuse Veterinary Medical Center this morning. She is scheduled for surgery but has to be treated for a major bladder infection first, so they put her on antibiotics. We are keeping her as comfortable as we can until the operation Tuesday, please continue to pray, she’s not out of the woods yet. But because of all of you, there is hope… Almost completely meeting her goal in one day has us all just speechless. So humbled, your generosity is not something you see every day anymore. We struggle to express our gratitude with words on a screen but just know that you are all her angels, each and every one. You made this possible for her, a second chance at life. And for that, we will forever be grateful. Thank you, and God bless. <3

P.S., Syracuse found a microchip which was overlooked at Waterville. We haven’t been able to get a hold of the owner yet (out of state, disconnected number) but we were amazed to find out that today is actually Mia’s fifth birthday!! How awesome is that. Happy birthday sweetheart, you can do this!! <3

68 thoughts on “Extremely Neglected & Sickly Dog Rescued from the Side of the Road”

  1. If only the “HUmane” society people were more … humane.
    I think I would ignore them and do what I wanted to save the dog.

  2. I checked with the NY Law on Lost animals etc and there is no such policy. I would suggest you take the dog to a vet, tell them it is your dog and have the surgery done to save its life.
    Either way, you will be saving the dog and keeping it.

    • C, the 5-day rule is for Animal Control in an effort to rejoin the dog with its rightful owner. It may not be a fundamental NY law; however, animal control and local shelters are bound by local law. This may be the case here. Our shelter in Massachusetts also has a 5/day ‘waiting’ period; however, in a case like this, our shelter (same building as animal control) would get emergency surgery done if it’s determined that this dog is strong enough to endure. Should the vet (on rotation to the shelter) determine a negative outcome no matter what they could do, the dog would be humanely euthanized. It’s a case-by-case situation.

  3. there are charities to help in this situation, 1 is called iron dog to help with vet and surgery bills. also when we rescued 2 shelties the vet said all have access to charity funds. there are those by breed too.

  4. I agree with all the above people. Get her to a vet ASAP. Unfortunately the humane society has some damned rules.
    There are organizations to help with the cost, some pay the whole thing. They also help with food.
    God Bless you both.

  5. Please remember that animals do get loose and our not recovered. So save the condemnation of the previous owner till you know that neglect is a fact and not an ASSumption. NY Law may not reflect local law or Humane society operating Guidelines. I truly hope the animal recovers fully. I encourage anyone wishing to donate to contact the mentioned Humane society office first before doing so.

    • If the former owner cared he or she would have made sure their contact info with the chip company was up to date. If you didn’t care enough to keep your contact info current I don’t care to put much effort into finding you. I’ll fix your dog, find her a new home or keep her and we’ll all be happy.


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