Facebook Successfully Reunites Lost Dog with Family

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gilleyWhen the Guidry family’s dog Gilley went missing they were devastated. When they turned to Facebook to try to find him he was home within two hours.

Gilley, a dachshund, dug a hole under the Guidry family’s fence and disappeared on May 5th. The family was devastated the Gilley was gone. Melissa Guidry’s 9-year-old son Ryan cried himself to sleep.

“The next day (my son) woke up and asked me, ‘Why doesn’t he want to come home?’” Guidry recalled. “I told him, ‘I don’t know.’”

The family checked with the local shelter but had no luck finding Gilley. Then while at their son’s basketball practice the following night another parent told them about a Facebook group for lost pets. When the Guidry’s posted about Gilley on Lost Pets of Terrebone Parish he was home with them only two hours later.

The Facebook page has been very successful in reuniting lost dogs with their owners. The Guidry family knows that without the page they probably wouldn’t have found Gilley as he was found quite far away from their home.

“There’s no way we would have found that dog if it weren’t for Facebook,” said Shane Guidry.

Gilley is doing well back at home and the Guidry family is keeping a closer eye on him and making sure that he is in a more secure part of the yard.