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Family Desperate to Save Sick Boxer

by Melanie

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Life With Dogs fan Alysson Duarte came to us, looking for help for her family’s perilously sick boxer, Cody.  She and her husband’s adopted dog has been a son to them for the past five years, and is the best friend of their two toddlers.  Vets aren’t sure what’s wrong with Cody, and the Duartes are running out of time and money to get him well.  They are desperate, and pleading for your help.

4.11.14 - Cody the Boxer Needs Help6

From Alysson Duarte:

Cody came into our lives after two months of searching for the right pup, kennel after kennel. My husband reminds me all the time of that day. It honestly felt like we had our first newborn baby. It’s now been five years.  We have a three-year-old son and an eighteen-month-old baby girl who loves Cody unconditionally.  

4.11.14 - Cody the Boxer Needs Help

But Cody is sick. He is bleeding from the mouth, his stools are black, and he isn’t eating but still throwing up.  He is so severely sick that our vet does not believe he will survive.  But we believe he can survive.  Cody is so strong, so full of energy and love… we can’t – there’s no way for us to let him go so easily.  We are committed to staying by Cody’s side and fight this sickness all the way through.  Please, just please help us.

 4.11.14 - Cody the Boxer Needs Help3

Update on 4/11/14:  Cody has lost a large percent of his blood. He needs a blood transfusion immediately.

Cody is in critical condition. The vets here have given us two scenarios:  1) Cody is suffering from ITP) Immune-Mediated Thrombocytopenia), a situation where his own body it attacking itself and causing him to lose a massive amount of blood.  This may be treatable, however it’s a 50/50 chance that he survives.  2) Cody could have cancer, which he may very well not survive at all.  

4.11.14 - Cody the Boxer Needs Help7

My husband and I have decided to move on with diagnostics to determine which of these Cody has.  Since last night we have spent $2,000 and honestly do not have any other recourses. We are asking anyone who has ever known Cody and knows his life is most definitely worth trying to save, anyone who’s ever loved their own dog and has gone through a similar situation, anyone whose heart is touched by our story, please – a $1 donation could help us bring Cody home to our kids who don’t know life without him. Please, we beg you – just $1.

4.11.14 - Cody the Boxer Needs Help5

If you would like to help Cody by making a donation, please click here.

Donations may also be made to the Duartes’ clinic:

Affiliated Veterinary Specialists

9905 S US Hwy 17-92

Maitland, FL  32751


4.11.14 - Cody the Boxer Needs Help4