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Family Honors Dog’s Memory with Touching Memorial


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phoebeSaying goodbye to a dog is always difficult. One family in Australia honored their dog Phoebe in a simple but special way that has touched people all over the world.

A Reddit user spotted the special memorial for Phoebe at a dog beach in Australia. He snapped a picture of it and uploaded the picture to Reddit where it soon received thousands of comments from people who were moved by the memorial and shared their own stories of losing a dog.

The memorial to Phoebe was simple. A plastic bin filled with tennis balls sat on the beach with a sing above it. The sign had a snapshot of Phoebe and the following message:

“Please help yourself to a tennis ball for your dog to enjoy. You may wish to pop it back in the box afterwards for another pooch to enjoy. Remember to live each moment just like your dog; with unconditional love, loyalty and happiness.”